Wild edens project

This documentary
special broadcast will showcase the wild and extreme
beauty Wild Edens and reveal the threats that climate change poses
towards them

Welcome to Wild Edens! This project is raising awareness of endangered wildlife and the effect climate change is having on some of the rarest species on the planet. We'll bring you never-before-seen footage of beautiful creatures like the Amur Leopard and Altai Argali filmed by our crew in some of the remotest places in the world. Sign-up and join the effort to save some of nature's most beautiful and exotic animals!
Wild Edens Leopard
The Great grey owl is one of the most majestic birds one can find in the Northern Hemisphere. But its natural beauty shouldn't fool you: the owl is a vicious predator. See this beautiful bird in flight in our crew's exclusive footage.
The Amur softshell turtle is an endangered species living in China, Korea and Russia's Far East. Pollution and human encroachment threaten this creature's unique habitat. Take a peek at our film crew's exclusive coverage of this special animal!
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